Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is one of the most commonly used forms of insulation.  Batts are composed of extremely fine glass fibers called fiberglass.  They are pre-cut panels of insulation available in a variety of lengths, widths and R-values.  R-value means resistance to heat flow.  R-values range from R-8 to R-38, with higher values meaning greater insulating power.  Different areas in your home require different R-values.  We use a wide variety of widths and values that you won’t find in home improvement stores, which enables us to complete any job more efficiently.

How is Batt Insulation Installed?

The batting is commonly placed between interior walls, floors and ceilings.  Its ease of installation makes it common in new construction situations.

Why Batt Insulation?

  • Because it does not require any special equipment—like the machine and dedicated truck required for blown insulation—batt insulation is often a convenient choice.
  • When old insulation needs to be replaced, batting can be the easiest to remove because each section can literally be lifted out, opening the space for cleaning and, if necessary, disinfection.
  • You can take advantage of the rebates and tax credits from utility companies and the federal government.

Whether you are concerned with sound insulation, shielding against head/cold or both, our team of experts can help determine if batt insulation is the ideal choice for you.  

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